Saturday, September 01, 2007

Five Free Imaging Tools

Ok, so I've talked about nothing else but the thirty day challenge lately. Well, it has kept me pretty busy, but now for something completely different... I’ve recently recieved a few emails about using images on webpages and in blogs, so here are a few of the free tools I use to store, organize, buy, sell, resize images and even one to make movies…

Resizr - A quick and easy way to resize images.
Upload an image, either from one of your local drives, or by entering a URL. Set the required width for your resized image and click. The image can then be saved to your hard disk, by right-clicking and selecting ‘save target as’. There’s also a plugin available, if you’re a firefox user.

Toufee – Create Instant Multimedia Mashups.
Combine text, images, videos and audio into flash movies. There’s nothing to download, install or plugin. Create slideshows, albums, journals, tutorials, flash banners, e-cards, advertisements, presentations and much more. It’s really easy… Here’s one I made earlier!

Fotolia – Buy and sell royalty free stock images. Buying starts at $1, but why not upload some of your own photos and make some extra cash?

Canvas Painter
A blank canvas to create your own masterpiece. Different brush sizes and shapes to choose from. Ok, it’s a bit like Microsoft paint, but with the advantage of not having to have yet another application paging your harddrive!

I couldn’t mention images without mentioning flickr. “Flickr is the WD-40 that makes it easy to get photos from one person to another in whatever way they want.” – I just love that! Upload, organize and share your photos, quickly and easily. Flickr is a Yahoo! company, so if you already have a Yahoo! account, you can register with the same id.

Hope you have as much fun with them as I have!

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Chris Peterson said...

Steph Thank You,

These tools are awesome

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by Steph White said...

Your Welcome Chris!

My favorite would have to be Toufee, it's just so powerful.

Best Regards,