Saturday, September 15, 2007

Twelve Rss Feed Tools

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Rss Feed Readers

Both Google Reader and Bloglines are excellent web-based services. I use Bloglines, but it’s really down to personal preference, and there are others, but these are the two 'biggies'.

Feed Validator – Validate your Rss feeds, learn how to fix problems and add a ‘Validated’ badge to your blog.

Blogdigger – Get your Rss feed listed on Blogdigger

Free Rss Suite – Create Rss Feeds, Update existing feeds, rss hosting, rss validation, rss formatting, rss conversion with this free suite of tools.

Odiogo – Automaticallly convert your site's RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to iPod-ready audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device.

FeedYes - Automatically generate feeds for any page on the web

Feed Icon - Introduce a feed icon linked to a feed description page to your website instantly with an automatically generated "copy-and-paste-ready" html codes.

Pinging Services





*Please take care when you're pinging – some ping destinations are duplicated in various services - don’t allow yourself to be accused of spamming

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David Carter said...

Some great tools here, some I use, some are new to me.

Great to see you supporting Dr Mani :)


Steph White said...

Thanks David.

Great to see you're blogging for the heart kids too :)


Paul Duxbury said...

Hi Steph

Great to see you supporting Dr Mani's Heart Defects Blogathon.

Take care


Steph White said...

Cheers Paul, you too!

Thanks for dropping by.