Saturday, September 15, 2007

Four Web Analysis Tools

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Webceo is a complete, free software package, comprising twelve SEO Tools in a powerful management suite. On site and off site optimisation, search engine submission and tracking, pinpointing errors and monitoring tools available on your desktop.

Monitor advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics and view via a graphical interface. Distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, from Sourceforge.

Register an account, create a project, insert a line of code into your website or blog. Comprehensive data analysis in real time, free lifetime account. Offers ‘drilling down’ options for 500 most recent pageloads, keyword analysis, visitor paths, visit lengths, returning visits, visitor’s country, state, ISP and much more.

Crazy Egg
Using ‘heat map’ technology, you can actually visualize what your visitors click on, telling you which part of your page is hottest for placing advertising, and where there’s room for improvement. Several account levels are available, though the free account will probably suffice most people.

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