Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Five Free Audio Tools…

…But before you dive in I’ve some important news.

On Saturday September 15th ’07, I’m taking part in a ‘mini-blogathon’, in aid of Congenital Heart Defects (you’ve probably seen the chd logo at Let me explain…

My friend Dr.Mani is a heart surgeon who innovatively uses Internet marketing to help kids born with heart defects.

On September 9th, in a very special event called the Heart Kids Blogathon, he is blogging non-stop for 24 hours to raise funds for his 'heart kids'.

And this year, he's setting his sights high. Dr.Mani plans to raise $75,000 in a day to fund lifesaving heart surgery for 25 children.

To raise awareness further, the Doc has asked me (and lots of other marketers), to support the cause in a mini version of his blogathon.

On the 15th I’ll be posting tools and resources, like the ones below, to The Smart Marketer’s Blog, every 30 minutes, over a four hour period. Now that might sound like a breeze - and it is compared to Dr Mani's 24 hour stint, but I'll bring you nine quality posts and promise to put as much thought and effort into each one as any other post. So, I'd really appreciate your support and comments.

Enter YOU, my loyal subscriber! Please support us by dropping by the blog on the 15th – I’m scheduled to start around 11am (BST), but the finer details will come together nearer the time. AND, if you can spare a couple of bucks, visit The Heart Kids Blog and make a donation :)


Now, on with today’s tools…

itunes - free download for PC and Mac
Listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and interviews, watch movies and music videos with apple’s very cool itunes. Once installed, check out the itunes store for tons of free podcasts. Subscribe to any podcast and it’ll automatically be updated with new episodes, whenever itunes is running on your computer.

Rather Listen than Read? Rather Talk than Type?
BlogTalkRadio is a kind of extended blogging platform. Anyone can host a live blogshow online. The service is free to all users, whether you host a blogshow or listen in. Plus hosts earn half of all revenue generated by their blogshow and Host Channel page. Even if you don’t want to host a show, there’s a great selection of shows to listen to. The best way to keep track of your favorite shows is by subscribing with itunes.

Record messages over the phone or upload Mp3 files to create a podcast. Gcast will publish and host your files free and automatically generate an RSS feed, so your listeners can subscribe. Use ‘playlist manager’ to organize and mix media from various sources, with a few mouse clicks. Embed the Gcast player into your blog or webpage and choose whether or not to play automatically.

What’s the hottest topic in social networking? Music! At iJigg you can rate, share and submit music. Discover new music, add artists as friends. It’s very simple, but I just love it!

Generate widgets to embed sound tracks on your blog or website. NB: Terms & Conditions state: not for use on wholly commercial sites, or to promote products.

Don’t forget to drop by on Saturday 15th September ’07! You can help save a child's life.

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Mike said...

Wow Steph, I didn't know you had this blog. What else are you hiding from me? Very neat stuff! I learned something!


Steph White said...

Hi Mike,

Glad you've found some useful info.

For Tons more of the same, check back often - especially Saturday 17th September during our mini-blogathon - 9 posts in 4 hours :)