Saturday, September 15, 2007

Five Communication Tools

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Barablu is a free piece of software, for your mobile, sent to you by SMS, that enables you to talk for free, to anyone in the world, if you’re phone is wi-fi enabled. You can also Instant Message for free to your barablu, skype and google contacts, via GPRS. Barablu can also be installed on your PC for free calling. Plus there’s free voicemail, file-sharing, and conference calling and 1cent calls to worldwide landlines.

Blobber allows your website visitors to see how many people are looking at your site, right now, and lets them chat to each other – and you, the webmaster, of course! Currently blobber is in beta, and free, and it states on the site that in all probability there will always be a free service, with options to upgrade for more features.

Call The Future
This is very cool! Call the future will call a specified number at any time in the future. Input text to be spoken and even a name to be shown on caller ID. Great for giving yourself a reminder, or a prompt for appointments – or even have an emergency reason to leave a meeting!
As a totally free service, with no registration necessary, there are no guarantees the service won’t be ‘maxed out’ when you want to use it and you’re limited to three calls in any twenty-four hour period.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the UK – our phone no.s are too long :( If you have any success with it, leave a comment, I’d love to hear.

Chinswing is a global voice message board, much like a traditional forum except you record your message instead of typing. Share your personal interests or hobbies, debate hot issues or find answers to questions.
Not only is this a cool niche research resource, but how about if you’re lacking confidence when it comes to microphones and all that techy stuff? Practice here, you can review and even re-record your message, before saving.
There’s an option to subscribe to rss feeds, or have feeds sent straight to itunes.

Convinceme is a debating website (and another hot opportunity for niche research, see what the burning questions of the day are). Create challenges, compete in debates, compete for votes, a winning records and points. it’s your chance to convince the world that you’re right!

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