Thursday, June 28, 2007

If you've been on the Internet Marketing scene for any length of
time now then you'd be quite familiar with Giveaway Marketing.

In fact, Giveaway Marketing is now a "standard" way to build
your subscriber base throughout the internet marketing niche.

I suppose the lure of thousands of opt-in subscribers, literally
overnight, is a huge bonus for the organisers of the Giveaway

Well what about you ?

If you're even remotely thinking about building a huge opt-in list
through Giveaway Marketing, then you'll do best to check this

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Take a close look at these videos...

Method #1: Giveaway Manager as Giveaway Site Software

Method #2: Giveaway Manager as Membership Site Manager

Method #3: Giveaway Manager as Black Hat JV Software

This guy really knows what he's talking about. He has been in the
IM Scene for three years now, and has run two very successful
Giveaways that has produced over 20,000 people into his own
opt-in lists, as well as well over 1,500 joint venture partners.

And he's taken thousands of dollars in One Time Offer sales as

Take advantage of the power of Giveaway Marketing and check
out Giveaway Manager today !

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You'll be glad you did.

Steph White.
The Smart Marketer's ToolKit

Monday, June 25, 2007

Say Goodbye to Google’s Power Games…

How are your pay-per-click campaigns going?

Have you almost lost your shirt with Adwords?

Has your Adsense account been banned, through no fault of your own?

Forget everything you’ve learned, because your about to discover how to put the ball back in your court, take control of your ad campaigns and earn money by publishing, without being penalised or accused of click fraud.

Fair Ads Network, or FAN, is an ad network that combines the power of all marketing mediums in one place. You can use text, images, video, flash, CPM, CPA, interstitials and even co-registration.

No Need to Worry about Paying Out on Click Fraud
Each click is counted only once within a 12-hour time frame. So, even if someone clicks your ad hundreds of time, you will pay Per click, Per 12-hours, Per Visitor, Per ad. Now that’s fair!

Imagine your ad isn’t receiving any clicks on a web page. Other networks may leave your ad where it is to be ignored forever more – but not FAN! Fan firmly believes, if something isn’t working, it makes no sense to continue doing the same thing – a bit like banging your head against a brick wall.

You have the ability to decide which sites best fit the criteria of your ad, after all if you’re advertising a book on flower arranging, ‘’ isn’t going to attract much attention is it!

Furthermore, if you’re ad shows up on a website you don’t like – simply block it, or even block all sites owned by that publisher.

Exclusive to FAN: Building a Passive, Residual Income
Regardless of whether you register as an advertiser or a publisher – you can even register as both! You have complete control over your money; transfer it back and forth, as you please.

  • Refer advertisers and earn 8% of every amount they fund into their account – forever.
  • Refer publishers and earn $4 on every $50 they earn through publishing.
  • Your ads will also include a text link embedded with your affiliate link!
  • Earn 60% by publishing advertisers ads, when your visitors click on them.
  • Earn a passive, residual income by referring other advertisers and publishers.
  • Earn 40% commission for your referrals who upgrade to ‘Master Marketer’ status.
Master Marketer status, which includes many additinal features, can be locked in for only $9.95 a month, during 'Alpha' testing, rising to $19.95 in the 'Beta' phase, which will be launching any day now.

However, FAN offers a revolutionary service even without the upgrade…

Register FREE now!

Payout and Funding Options
Get paid or fund your account via paypal, credit card, e-gold, e-bullion and wire-transfer, plus more options coming soon.

Please post any comments or questions below.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free Resources for You Business...

Hi there,

I've been spending time recently sourcing some great free resources for your business. Just click on the titles and explore!

The Silent Profit Machine
This is an incredible, revolutionary and never before seen system.
Simply register, download the free report and you could be earning
over $2000 for every 100 visitors you send to download the report!
There's nothing to pay - now or ever! No, really :-)

Apsense is a free Social Network driven by its users who share
common business interests. Our online service is FREE for anyone
with Home Based Businesses. Imagine a place where you can connect
with other business individuals and see how fast and easy it is to
build your very own private social network!
Add your own groups, blogs and advertise on the ad network.

Video Traffic Assistant
Share your ideas with the world!
I just came across this fantastic new tool that let's you submit
your videos to top video sharing sites on autopilot!

Jet Fighter Training!

$1000.00 complete internet marketing training program, on specially
produced videos for you to have, enjoy, watch and keep for your
very own, totally 100% free. Note: Limited Places

Search Big Daddy
Get $50 in Free Advertising, plus your own search engine portal.
Send free e-cards, free social networking, plus many income

'The Marketplace for Better Ideas"
Upload videos and pdfs for free or paid downloads and explode
your traffic.
To become an affiliate or a paid content provider, register using
the link above.

The Original Giveaway - List-Building Opportunity
This is a Six Month Event rather than the usual 2-4 weeks that most giveaways are.

The main reason for this is to give contibutors time to complete their contibutions and even, create them from scratch!

That's Right! I guarantee that you will NOT have ever seen the majority of these FREE DOWNLOADS!

A lot of our contributors will be including resell rights with their original creations, so that YOU can PROFIT from their hard work!
Register Here as a Jv Partner

That's about all for today. Visit often for more free resources!

Best Regards,

P.s. For only $3 a month...

* build all of your programs and referrals in one place

* access to immediate offers YOU can sell to others

* have instant sales letters and websites

* plug and play system to help you build YOUR lists

* connect with people who can
- help you grow your income
- share ideas
- joint venture and cross promote
- teach you things you need to learn
- help others with YOUR knowledge

* download to all the tools you'll ever need

* get first notice of all new programs and releases

* have multiple streams of income

* monthly residual income

All this WITHOUT enormous costs... or enormous hours upon hours of

reading and listening to courses.

Brand New, just launched!