Sunday, January 27, 2008

Even The Guru's are buzzin'

Remember me? The cynical one?

I've just been blown away!

I recently uncovered a storm that is brewing fervently, quite by chance, and I'm not the only one who's been caught by surprise.

Have you taken measures to ensure that you're the first and not the last? Because, my recommendation is that you better act fast.

This storm is going to be the latest marketing trend that is already starting to rise in the Internet world and it's about to cause an explosion in the online marketing scene - it's called 'S-Buzz Marketing'.

So, what's this storm all about?

Imagine being able to brand the latest and most useful softwares in the market with your very own affiliate links and distributing and marketing it using viral marketing strategies!

I've been exploring the Internet Marketing scene for quite some time - searching for the latest products, affiliate programs and marketing strategies and I must say that this is something really new, impactful and innovative for any online business.

From the looks of it, I know it's set to take viral marketing to a whole new level and this is really something you want to take a look at before everyone else does!

The power of S-Buzz marketing has just been unleashed, you should check out the IM Buzz Software Membership, set to become one of the most powerful membership sites on the planet!

Given the current membership status, it's evident that people are starting to hop unto this bandwagon really quickly. I kid you not - when I saw what was on offer I was so excited at the boundless opportunites, I simply couldn't resist!

Alright, Calm down Steph, what's the deal?

Every month members recieve...
  • a brand new, top-notch Viral Buzz Software - complete with 100% Re-branding Rights
  • the latest IM related eBooks
  • an extensive library of S-Buzz Marketing Training Videos
  • attractive commissions
  • access to exclusive JV opportunities
  • closed door 'beta testing' for future products
  • special discounts on future products
Just mentioning all these is good enough to get my adrenaline pumping!

It is bound to drive tons of traffic, exposure and profits for any online business! And I know that it's a great opportunity that you should not miss!

So do hurry! Join me and others who have already caught hold of this new marketing revelation now before you're the last one to chance in on this new viral phenomenon!

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Hope to see you join me as a fellow S-Buzz marketer soon!


*Note: Membership is limited to 1000 members, to retain exclusivity. You can get in now for less than the price of a pizza - or wait until the price tag rises!

Check out this Free S-Buzz Marketing report which reveals everything to you... You'll probably want to grab a copy NOW, to understand the immense impact that S-Buzz Marketing is going to have in the online marketing industry.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"An Obvious Truth"

With the New Year upon us, people have been discussing what will be "hot" in 2008.

One of the most common topics has been VIDEO.

That's no surprise really but I think the difference is HOW video will be used.

That's why so many are talking about the significance of the video I'm about to show you.

It gives tremendous insight regarding the emergence of entertainment and marketing working together in the same video.

Armand Morin has put together something very similar to a "movie trailer" which is generating a lot of excitement - especially when people are finding out that it leads to a TON of free video lessons.

So here's what you should do:

1) Watch the video and learn
Notice how it creates an element of "curiosity" and draws you in - very powerful for maximizing conversion.

Ask yourself this - how could I use a similar approach in 2008?

2) Claim your free video content
After you watch the video you'll be redirected to an optin page where you can claim an entire month's worth of free video content.

Armand has already posted 10 videos and he's adding more throughout the month of January.

BTW - don't forget to comment on the blog as Armand is frequently responding to thoughts about each video (you'll see his response outlined in blue).

Now Click on the image below and download Armand's Free Report
"An Obvious Truth"

I have to tell you though, Armand pulls no punches - he tells it like it is, as controversial as it may be. Go ahead and discover what the "CRAP" system is about!

When you've devoured all 51 pages, come back and leave a comment...

That's all for now.