Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Promoting Your Product - Private Label Rights (PLR) Product Creation: Part 14

This is the fourteenth and final part in a series of articles discussing ways in which to profit from creating your own  private label rights (plr) products.

If you’re creating Private Label Rights products, your number one market is likely going to be Internet marketers, so they can turn the product round, resell and earn money.  

Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about promoting your products.  So how will you market your product?

Endorse your Private Label Rights Product to your Mailing List
If you have a mailing list, (hint: building your list should be your highest priority, before product creation), this is the fastest way you can make money.

Your subscribers trust you (I hope!) and most likely think highly of your products or they would not be on your list in the first place. 

The important thing to remember is to be honest and Never take advantage of their trust, because if your subscribers feel burned, they will lose trust and that will cost you, and your reputation, Big time in the long run.

Seek Out Joint Ventures with Ezine Publishers and other Online Marketers
If you don't have a mailing list of your own, and it sure takes time to build one up, this is a good alternative for you.

Look for other marketers who are selling similar products to yours, or who like to market resale rights/private label rights products, and approach them. 

You'll easily find contact details on their websites, and if you reach out with a simple, direct, professional email you have nothing to lose. 

Many won't help you, but don't give up. By creating quality products you can build your reputation and slowly establish powerful partners.

Approach Joint Venture (JV) Brokers
JV Brokers are middle-men who refer Joint Venture partners to your affiliate program. 

If you are going to engage a JV Broker, your affiliate program must be 2-tier. For every sale made by their referred Joint Venture partner, you pay the broker 10-20% of the product price.

Paid E-zine Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
If you have the money, buy advertising space in Ezines and reach thousands of targeted prospects.

Alternatively, there's PPC advertising, targeting prospects through the Search Engines. The trick to any sort of paid advertising is testing - if you don't know what's working, you'll be throwing money down the drain.

There really are an unlimited number of ways to market your Private Label Rights products (such as viral marketing, article writing, etc), but that’s an entire other topic and too much to cover here.

That wraps up our Private Label Product Creation Course. I hope you've found it useful. Please leave any comments, or tips of your own below. Thanks.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Create A Sales Page - Private Label Rights (PLR) Product Creation: Part 13

This is the thirteenth in a series of articles discussing ways in which to profit from creating your own  private label rights (plr) products.

The final step in completing your Private Label Rights product before marketing and making sales is to create a compelling sales page that explains the value buyers get from your product. 

While this guide isn't designed to be a sales page copy writing clinic, there are a few points to keep in mind when writing and designing the page:
  • Start by making a list of the benefits buyers will gain from your product, and create a bullet point for each to include in the sales page.  This will attract the largest number of qualified prospects to buy.
  • Use the greatest benefit as you main headline or focus of the page.  Explain what problem your product will solve for people to encourage them to buy. While there might be many benefits, the number one problem should be the focus because it will convert the highest number of prospects to buyers.
Your headline is the most important part of the sales page because if it doesn't capture attention, you’ve lost the reader and the rest of the letter doesn't matter.
  • Make the page easy to read and use a logical flow in writing - present the problem and then explain how your product solves it.
    • Write as though you’re talking to an individual and not a group.  Even though thousands of people might read it, each one is an individual and he or she wants to know that you understand his or her specific problem.
  • Add testimonials for credibility.  There is so much hype and exaggeration in online marketing today that you should offer proof to increase your readers’ believability and make more sales. 

    • If readers are not confident you’re being honest, they just won't buy.
  • Use a guarantee to improve conversions.  Another way to induce readers to make a purchase is to offer a guarantee.  By assuming all of the risk, buyers can feel comfortable that If they misunderstood or they don't think you've been entirely honest about your product, they can get their money back.
Create a 'thank you' page for successful purchases, so your customers can download your product and bonuses.

Keep the page simple and in the same style as your sales page. This is a good place to add a link or banner at the bottom of the page to another product or an affiliate offer.