Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eight Blogging Tools

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Publicize your blog and make it easy for anyone to subscribe, either by Rss Feed or by email (delivered, once a day by Feedburner, when you post new content). Optimize content for major directories, analyze your traffic and make money by participating in Feedburner’s Ad network. Great Tool.

Blog community building tool. Also doubles up as a tool to measure stats and outclicks and encourages traffic to your blog.

Big List of Blog Search Engines
Great blog. This post lists around 40 places to submit your blogs and Rss feeds.

One-Stop linklist manager for your blog. Just register free, add a snippet of code to your blog and the blogrolling 1-click link to your browser – and click it whenever you come across a site you want to add to your linklist.

Keep track of all the blogs and websites you follow. An email is sent, once a day when any new content appears on sites you specify. Personally I prefer to track blogs RSS feeds in a feed reader, such as bloglines, but some may find a daily email useful.

GeoLoc is a stat counter, that shows the location of your visitors. Green Dots show who is on your site right now, and red dots mark locations of previous visitors.

Email Scramble
Email Scramble is just one of several blog tools on offer at BlogFlux. Insert your email address and link text and this tool scrambles your email (funnily enough:) and pops out a snippet of javascript which, when inserted on a webpage, hides your address from spam harvesters.

This is brand new today! I've only discovered it a couple of hours ago. Add a snippet of code to your blog and show feeds from other blogs. Hmm, what's so good about that? Well, it means YOUR feeds are showing up on other blogs, all over the bloggesphere! Join for Free.

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