Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smart Market Research

The Thirty Day Challenge has been well and truly underway for a couple of weeks now, and keeping us all very busy – so busy in fact, that The Smart Marketer’s Blog has been left feeling rather neglected!

So, what’s been happening?

The first two weeks have focused heavily on Market Research – get this part wrong, or skip over it completely – and you’re doomed to failure. Sounds harsh, but it's true.

Where do we look for Niche Market ideas?
Online and Offline is the short answer!

Online – Check out groups at places like google, yahoo and facebook – what are people are talking about? Which groups have high activity? What sort of questions are people asking? What do they want to know?
Other sources of hot information are place like ebay pulse, Technorati and Google Trends.

Offline – Carry a notebook with you, always. As you go about your busy life, just notice and note down what people are talking about. What magazines are hot sellers? Pick up a copy and flick through the pages – notice the type of ads being run.

‘Noticing’, at this stage (and taking notes), is your mission. Don’t be tempted to Judge any subject matter, try and keep your opinions out of it! ‘Judging’ comes later, when we analyze the online demand for a market.

What to do with Ideas?
Our first port of call is the Free Keyword Tool at Wordtracker

Enter your keywords, copy and paste your results in a Word Processor application of your choice.

Take a look at Google’s results for your keywords. Notice the competition – are there a ton of PPC ads? Good. That’s a reasonable indication that there’s money to be made in the niche. And competition is great! Competition will make you a better marketer, you’ll strive to offer only the best information, only the best content and consequently you’re giving your readers a top site to visit!

That’s what the internet's all about, offering quality and value to our visitors.

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