Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thirty Day Challenge: Day One

At 9am, EST, Day One of The Thirty Day Challenge was unleashed on an eager worldwide audience.

Servers groaned, as over a thousand people downloaded Ed’s video and podcast within seconds of the challenge going live. Twitter was alive with excitement and throughout the globe, teams on a high of anticipation were logging in to Facebook’s secret forums and chattering on Skype.

Ed Dale’s opening gambit, from Melbourne Australia, was calm and concise. Ed aka ‘the tubby nerd’, has a relaxed and humorous disposition, putting the many ‘newbies’ and seasoned marketers alike, at ease.

The ‘techy’ member of the team, Dan Raine from Manchester England, released his impatiently awaited ‘TDC Toolbar’. Integrating seamlessly into Firefox, the toolbar affords the user a search feature for The Thirty Days dashboard and forums, a feed to The Thirty Day Challenge blog, links to key areas of The Challenge Site and quick access to Twitter, StumbleUpon, FaceBook and Digg, all integral to this year’s challenge.

Throughout the balmy month of August, studying is to revolve around the Four Keys to Internet Marketing… described by Ed as ‘A Magnificent Symphony in Four Movements’…

First up, Market Research – there’s so much information out there on the internet, it’s a crime not to use it and really gain incite into your markets – not products – markets.

Second, Traffic – there's no getting away from it, no matter how good your product or service, your work is all in vain if no one sees it.

Third in line, Conversion – it’s all well and good driving traffic to your site, but without a great conversion process - and that doesn’t necessarily mean a long wordy sales letter – your product still is going to stay on the shelf.

And finally, The Productmust be quality. Why else would you go through stages one to three, only to end the whole process with a second rate product? Besides, you want the best for your customer.

And the really exciting part? All the above will be accomplished using Web 2.0. None of the tools, software or even your traffic will cost a single cent.

More updates over the weekend, when we take a closer look at Market Research.



P.s. I almost forgot! Jason James’ just handed me his, hot off the press ‘Untold Marketing Secrets’ Report. Download a free copy and learn Jason’s secrets!

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Good Luck in the thirty day challenge from another participant