Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Your Outline - Private Label Rights (PLR) Product Creation: Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of articles discussing ways in which to profit from creating your own  private label rights (plr) products.

Perhaps the most important step in the process of creating PLR info products is to develop a simple outline of exactly what your product will include.

This is key because it forces you to think through the entire product and make sure you have enough content, that it flows logically and will make sense to users, and that you have structure to follow when putting it together.  Here’s an example...

Outline for Instant PLR Author:

I.    Intro: Why Create PLR Products
      a.    Huge demand = big profits

II.    PLR Product Creation as a Process
        a.    The system is key to maximizing profits

III.    PLR Product Creation Steps   
        a.    Steps of the process
              1.    Decide topic
              2.    Create outline
              3.    Choose title & subhead
              4.    Decide format
              5.    Write copy
              6.    Add visuals
              7.    Create rights page
              8.    Compile finished product
              9.    Brand/secure product
            10.    Create eCover
            11.    Write sales page       

IV.    Tools for Creating PLR Products
         a.    image sources
         b.    compilers
         c.    ecover creators
        d.    audio/video creators       

V.    Marketing & Promotion
        a.    Ways to promote your product
        b.    Different sales strategies
        c.    Adding backend

VI.    Other Resources
         a. tools & products to help

So you can see the power of an outline.  It is very clear what topics to cover to create a complete product.  I know when it’s complete it will provide value to readers and it follows a logical pattern.  I also know what areas I need to research and what areas I already know.

Next: Choosing A Title and A Subtitle

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