Thursday, February 25, 2010

Branding & Securing Your Product - Private Label Rights (PLR) Product Creation: Part 11

This is the eleventh in a series of articles discussing ways in which to profit from creating your own  private label rights (plr) products.

Another option you may want to consider when you complete your product is whether to add security features and/or branding.  

Security features include preventing people from cutting and pasting or copying any of the content.  You can even prevent readers from being able to print it if you like.  

Depending on the software you use to compile the product, the security features available to you will vary.  Generally, the more expensive the program, the better security features it will offer.  

But one thing to consider is the rights you are offering with the product. For example, if you are offering unrestricted private label rights to buyers, there is no point in securing the product because you need to provide an unsecured version they can edit anyway.

An alternative option to selling your product with private label rights, is to sell it as a brandable product. Branding allows you to offer resell rights to a product with simple tags placed in the document. 

When readers read your copy, they see the tags specific to you - your name, your company name, website etc. 

When someone is reselling it, they can rebrand it by opening a simple branding file and inputting their values for each tag - name, company name, website etc. 

Then, simply by clicking “brand” the software changes all tags in the document to their info to make reselling a snap.  It saves your customers hours of reading every word and deciding what they need to change.

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