Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's The Quickest Way to Create Rss Feed Icons for your Website or Blog?

Encouraging readers to subscribe to your Rss Feed with an attractive icon is an established and successful practice.

Feed Icon 2.0, owned by couldn't be simpler to use in three quick steps, summed up as "No Knowledge, No Skill, No Hassle".

Step One: Insert the URL of your Website

Step Two: Hit 'Generate Icon'

Steph Three: Copy and paste the resulting html code to your website or blog.

As you can see Feed Icon 2.0 gives you a choice of three buttons and automatically generates code for all three, just pick the one that suits your site best.

Hitting 'about feed' takes your subscribers to a clean-looking page, where they can choose which feed reader they prefer, with one-click subscription, or  select a drag-and-drop button for desktop readers. Note: if auto-discovery detects two or more supported feeds, all options will be displayed.

The generated page displays your website title at the top, followed by your tagline/ description.

FeedIcon 2.0 is free for both personal and commercial use, so no danger of getting into hot water there. Your website will be checked for updates at least once a day and the content of your personalized page updated accordingly.

There's an option to download and further personalize your generated subscription page. However, the website's terms state '...please do not modify the footer part to show the page was originally generated by FeedIcon 2.0' Well that's fair enough, no problems there...

The terms go on to state... 'please be advised that the feed items included in the downloaded page may not be updated. Basically, we do not support for the off-line use of the generated page'. - So not much point then?
But it's a free service, easy for almost anyone to use and the generated personalized page will be perfectly fine for most people.

Check Out FeedIcon 2.0


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