Friday, November 20, 2009

Speed Up Firefox in One Click

There's no doubt Mozilla's FireFox provides a fast browsing experience. However, over time firefox can become slugish. Database fragmentation is partly to blame, although firefox's infamous 'memory leaks' don't help matters.

Enter... SpeedyFox. A simple utility (not an addon), that safely compacts profile databases, without any loss of data..

SpeedyFox is a tiny download (0.3Mb) and it's free. Currently only available for Windows Pcs, but a Mac version is soon to be added to the website.

Promising to increase start-up by three times, SpeedyFox can transform a cranky old installation of firefox into 'feeling like a new-installation',  assuring to handle browsing history and cookie operations with greater acceleration too.

Download SpeedyFox, and click to execute.

Choose your profile, shut down firefox and click 'Speed Up My Firefox!' The whole process takes only seconds.

Now restart firefox and enjoy the increased pace.

We've noticed a healthy difference to our browser.

Let us know what you think, by leaving a comment below.


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