Saturday, November 21, 2009

Learn Free - Webinar Resources

WebinarHero is a new startup that aims to 'provide you with the tools to find, create and promote world class webinars',

With the advancement of online video coupled with faster broadband speeds, webinars are increasingly  the tool of choice for internet marketing campaigns. I mean, what other boxes are there to tick when you have audio, visual, interactivity..?  It's so much quicker to put together an audio visual presentation than to maybe, write a report, send emails, answer emails, and so on.

So what can WebinarHero do for you?

WebinarHero lists upcoming webinars and online events, many of which are free to attend, although we noticed some didn't have a cost listed.

Search the site using a traditional search box, through a tag cloud, by category or by date. When we searched, we found two events listed for today. 'Introduction to Computer Forensic Investigation' and 'Vector Illustration Trickery'. Click on an event you're interested in and a full page of details are shown, including a link to the webinar, the cost (if any), whether registration is required and some, but not all, give further details of content.

If you're a marketer who creates webcasts, you can list your webinar for no cost and reap the rewards of some extra promotion.

Although the site isn't hugely busy just yet, we think WebinarHero could be built into a valuable resource, for both webcasters and students alike - but it should be noted here, we haven't actually attended any of the listed webinars, if you do let us know about it in comments below.


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