Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crop Pictures with a Free Online Tool

Cut My Pic is a very simple online tool that does what it says on the tin... 

Simple interface, simple instructions, simple operation.

To start, upload your pic...

We're going to cut my portrait, ready for christmas, lol.


 As you can see once uploaded, just drag the outline to cover the part of the picture you want to 'cut out' or keep.

There's only a couple of options to add effects to your pic - round the corners and add a drop shadow.

Now preview your cropped image.

Ok? Click Done. 
Download or use the provided form to send by email.

Okay, so CutMyPic has very limited application, but if you're short on processing power, it beats firing up photoshop just for a quick fix.

Check Out CutMyPic


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