Friday, April 13, 2007

There is no 'Magic Formula', but don't be discouraged...

I’d like to talk to you today about some of the myths you may be harbouring and see if we can’t lay them to rest.

In order to succeed you will have to work! This is definitely Not a myth. Success won’t happen overnight, anyone who tells you so is a liar! Sure, there are shortcuts, but we’ll come to that later.

And did you hear making money is free? Have you thought about that?

If it’s free to make money – where does the money come from to pay You? On the flip side you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get started. There are some great resources out there that won’t cost you a dime, but be prepared to make some sacrifices, after all you’re investing in You.

I receive so many emails, asking ‘why can’t I make money?’ or ‘what’s the easiest way to make money, I’ve tried x, y and z, but none of them work?!

My reply is simple, there is no ‘magic formula', but don’t be discouraged, some may make money (in the short term) by bleeding other’s dry, but if you’re ‘in it for the long haul’ you should first learn to give in order to receive. Now, we’re not talking in the financial sense here, give your time, your knowledge and expertise in return for Trust.

If you just try to sell, sell, sell with no forethought or action, you’re prospects will simply move on and buy from someone who has bothered to build a relationship with them, who they can TRUST. You have to prove you’re the one they should buy from.

Before you begin your next project, take time to Plan, quit jumping on to ‘the next best thing’ and focus on ONE thing at a time. ‘Out of tiny acorns great oak trees grow.’ Find your passion, put your heart and soul into it making that One thing work (you’re doing something you love, aren’t you?), Nurture it, build on it, drive traffic to it and ONLY then, will you be ready to move on to your next project, leaving project number one practically running itself.

Does a successful novelist write a couple of chapters, toss it aside and start something new? No, of course not – they stick with it, from the birth of an idea through it’s awkward adolescent re-writes and into maturity and subsequent success.

Each and every project you work on, ebook or software you sell should be treated as your 'new baby' or a business in it’s own right.

As I said earlier, there is work involved; registering a domain, setting up a hosting account, Autoresponder, split-testing, audio, getting to grips with html and creating web pages, headlines and sales pages, tracking and operating statistics… Time becomes your mortal enemy. Aaagghhh! I need to earn, while I learn’ you cry. ‘Shortcuts, Steph, you said there are shortcuts…’

But you’re a sales wizard, right? Or a graphical genius? Not a technogeek! Automate! There’s three little words that will automate your businesses, one by one, with automated domain name registration, built in autoresponders, headline generator, automated split testing, audio, wysiwyg web page creator and all fully hosted for you…

The three little words?

Simple Money Machines…

Take a good look around, see how it works, how each component integrates to form a complete system. When you’ve got the idea, go and build your own system, select your own components carefully, make them work together to make your life easier! But if going it alone’s all a bit of a nightmare to you, a Simple Money Machine may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

But most of all - enjoy!


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