Saturday, May 26, 2007

Now This is The Closest You'll Get To A 'Magic' Formula...

...No, not to make you rich in an instant, but provide
you with a solid stream of income...

Don't you hate it when the 'guru in your mailbox'
floods you with product after product of 'new' stuff
that'll make your dreams come true overnight?

Well, I absolutely HATE IT! Especially when they
don't even bother to go through the product!

.....Well, I got one in my inbox the other day from Dylan
about his article marketing product - 'Secret Article Profits'
It promised to do these:

* Drive waves of red hot credit-card-in-hand traffic
* Build you a rabid, product-hungry lists
* Make you tons of effortless auto-pilot cash
* Get your site ranked on the #1 page of Google
* Create instant authority and solid credibility for you
* Generate hoards of raving, die-hard fans

Well, I sure had a good laugh looking at what it promised!

You'd think I'd thrash it immediately...
(what I'd normally do. LOL!)

.....but this mail was different. It included a link to
the product itself AND an outrageous wager!

Imagine that - a 22 year old 'nobody' actually telling me
that I would learn something NEW from him!

What an insult! So I fine comb-toothed his product and...
.....I was blown away!

True to my word (and as part of the wager) I'm posting
this here...

I've reviewed it and While it will not make you rich
overnight (what will?) it will build you a very real,
solid stream of income :)

Check it out here:

=> Secret Article Profits

When you've devoured every word, come back and
post your comments! I just know you're going to be

Warmest Regards,

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