Thursday, April 05, 2007

100's of Easter Gifts for Everyone!

It's finally arrived !

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Easter JV Gifts 2007 is now open to the Public.
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I've joined forces with well known internet marketer Brad Smith,
and now you can get immediate access to over 1,000 f.r.e.e. gifts
to build your own online business - and let me tell you, there's
some Real Quality stuff in there...

Here's your private link that brings you directly to the site:

There's still time to sign up as a Partner, submit your gift and
explode your list:
(JV PARTNER's ONLY use this link)

"There has been a strong trend among internet marketers to run
giveaway events since I started Easter JV Giveaway last year,"
Brad said.

"That has really opened up the arena for even the junior marketers
to grow a list, virally, within a few short weeks." he explained.

However Brad was growing uncomfortable with the growing trend,
fearing that it would jeopardise his own giveaway event that is
run in April each year, and decided to do something quite different
to make Easter JV Gifts 2007 stand out from the other giveaway

Brad has released his own spin on how giveaway events of the future
will be run.

For instance, he has asked some of the more senior marketers in the
industry to provide "Premium Gifts" on top of the overwhelming
1,000 gifts that people are offering through the site.

"It's all about Win-Win", he says.

"It's a win for people who are trying to build an online business
from scratch, usually with zero dollars and not really understanding
the industry.

It's also a win for the partners of the event, as they will grow
their list of contacts through donating their gift to the site."

Brad firmly believes that sharing resources and information among
the Internet Marketing community builds a positive environment
where everyone has the chance to learn from each other.

"It's unbelieveable what people are giving away !
There's hosting, membership sites, MRR and PLR products,
and it won't even cost you a cent !"

The site is open for registrations from April 1 to 30, and it is
expected that 50,000 people will access the site during this time.

Make sure you are part of this ground breaking event and check it
out today !

All the best


PS. You can only sign up to get into the site during April 2007,
and you need a personal invitation link. You can use this to get
access :

See ya there!

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