Friday, March 30, 2007

FastTrack your List-Building Efforts...

Did you think I'd gone into hiding?!

Did you miss me?

Sorry I've not been in touch lately, my health isn't so good right now, but I'm still working hard for you in the background.

There's so much to tell you - but I'm won't overload you all at once, just keep reading to discover what you need to do Today!

One of the quickest list-building strategies is contributing to Jv Giveaways (and profitable too!). The greatest of these events (in my humble opinion), is The Easter Giveaway, which is just around the corner.

It's bigger and better than last year, and has a few suprising differences from the usual giveaways - though I can't reveal any details just yet...

The link I'm about to share with you is for contributors only (I'll shoot you a message as soon as the doors open for members).

If you'd like to participate as a JV Partner, you need a product to giveaway and an autoresponder to 'plug-in'.

>>>If you're new to Joint Ventures and can't lay your hands on a product in your chosen niche, with giveaway rights, go signup, then shoot me an email telling me which niche you are targeting and I'll do my best to find you something...

This really is a top notch opportunity...

Look forward to seeing your name up as a partner!

Best Regards,

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