Sunday, April 08, 2007

A quick reminder - today is the last day you can take a Sneak Peak inside 'The Vault' for free and download as much as you like.

PLUS, I just learned from JayKay he's purchased JVManager2 Fantasos. Now I know the price tag was way out of some people's budget... so, get this, Jay is in the process of setting up and testing JVM2, and will be hosting it free for all Vault Members use! That's ONE Killer reason to go take a look...

Inside you'll also find:

Just being added... 10 products with full source code (y'know the ones :-)
100's of products with MRR, PLR, Source Code
A brand new product added to The Vault EVERY OTHER DAY
Countless Fr'ee memberships - saving $$'s
PRO hosting
90% commissions on exlusive member only products
50% commissions on membership sales - recurring monthly
PRODUCT WISH - see a product you want elsewhere? Ask JayKay to buy it for you and add to members area
...and much more!

Go ahead, take a look, you won't be sorry (unless you're too late:-)

Here's the link again

Here's to your success and A Happy Easter!

Steph White

P.s. Don't forget to signup to the Easter JV for 100's of gifts.
Jv Partners join here

P.p.s. There's a sneaky way to avoid giving out your email address
and go directly to each of the contributors download pages...

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