Wednesday, November 14, 2007

His Generosity Got The Better of Him

I just heard from Bradley Smith...

Up 'til now the only way to access the massive bonus area was to buy a copy of the giveaway code.

Well, running a JV giveaway event isn't for everyone, so maybe The Giveaway Code isn't for you.

Brad knows it and he's been wrestling with his conscience.

And now his generosity just got the better of him.

Shutting so many people out of the bonus download area was more than Brad's even-handed wits could bear...

So, what could he do? Why, throw the doors open to EVERYONE of course!

I've just checked out the gifts - and there's twenty-five pages of 'em!

From JV invitations, to free membership access, ebooks, software and scripts - you could just find what you've been searching for...

Oh, am I talking too much? You want the link, right?

Grab The Gifts


Join up as a JV Partner, contribute a gift, grow your list and make some commission!

See You There!


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