Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Giveaway Code is Live!

Learn How To Build a List of 2,000, 10,000 or Even 20,000 Subscribers In As Little As 7 Days...

The Complete Guide to Joining The Status of The Marketing Elite

"Imagine joining the status of the Marketing Elite with your own list of 2,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 subscribers (or more!)

If you’re starting from scratch and are new to the internet, how on earth are you expected to earn an income if you don’t have your own list?

But now imagine that within 7 days your list size can grow from a tiddly 50 or 100 subscribers, to a whopping 2,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 subscribers."

Have you ever considered that Giving Stuff Away for Free could be such a big money spinner...

A “Giveaway” is an online membership site where you team up with other like minded marketers and GIVE STUFF AWAY FOR FREE. It's a huge Win-Win-Win exercise for everyone!

  • Your subscribers will Win because they will be getting a lot of stuff for Free.
  • Your Contributors will Win because they will be gaining new subscribers.
  • You, the Giveaway Organizer, will Win (big time!!) with your huge list of new subscribers and one time offer sales through your website.

The Giveaway Code

Brad Smith is fast becoming THE Giveaway King. He's teamed up with Amar Mehta to bring you three Volumes, valued at $997 - but you get your hands on the lot for only $27!

Here's A Quick List of what you will get inside The Giveaway Code Members Area...

Part #1 - The Giveaway Code for Organizers - You get the complete guide to running your own successful Giveaway Event, complete with stories about how Brad succeeded, and failed, online. Things that Brad should have done, the lessons he learned the hard way.

Part #2 - The Giveaway Code for Contributors - You get the complete guide for contributors on how to set up their site for giveaway and how to be a winner at any giveaway event. You also get Master Resell Rights to this eBook.

Part #3 - Swipe Files - Complete collection of templates and everything you will need to write while organizing your Giveaway event.

Simply gain... "Marketing Elite Status!"

Here Are Some Bonuses For You...

Bonus #1 - Giveaway Success Interviews ($97 Value) - Hear it from the people who had GREAT success with Giveaways. We have 3 Powerful Audio Interviews for you. Doug Champigny & Xavier Nelson, Jason Dinner & Mike Mazzella, Joel Osborne. Hear them as they reveal their closely guarded secret of Giveaway success.

Bonus #2 - Huge List of Quality Bonuses ($1997 Value) - We've rounded up a stadium full of internet marketers and told them that in order to make The Giveaway Code an irrestible product, they provide a bonus of the highest quality. This way you're getting hundred's if not thousand's more dollars worth of real value in product without paying any more than a cent on this offer!

Bonus #3 - Giveaways Alert List (Priceless) - We will list down all Giveaway events happening around the web. We will let you know about it before anyone else knows about it! So, you may have the chance to join elite marketing inner circle and become their JV Partner - something that is usually closed to newcomers in this industry.

Your investment comes with a 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee - if after 10-weeks of using this revolutionary membership you are still not satisfied - you're money will be refunded in full... no questions asked - you even get to keep all the bonuses. Act now and lock in your one time low introductory price of only $27 - Get it before it's too late!

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