Monday, June 07, 2010

Smart Marketer's Get 3 Free

It's true!

You've heard the rumours, right?

You can get 3 Free copies of Mike Filsaime's MDC Monthly.

Mike Filsaime is using a new way to spread the word. 

He is not asking for any tell a friend of even an Opt-In.

No, it's much smarter than that.

He is experimenting with a new type of Social Viral Marketing that appears to get him backlinks to his site just for sharing the word.

Remember, that's the road we're all on - building backlinks and getting our content out there.

This seems to be the truest form of Viral marketing I have seen yet. It uses social media and blogs to get the "news" out about something rather than Tell-A-Friends etc.

Kind of like a nudge from a friend to 'go check this out!'.

But the main thing I want to share with you is that you can get 3 Kick-Butt copies of his latest newsletter and you don't have to pay $89.00 to get it.

Just click the link below and it is yours Free!

Even if you Think you are not interested in his newsletters (Which are pretty good from what I see) I suggest you give it a shot for 2 reasons...

1. You may be surprised at the quality. 
2. Wait until you see how he is trying this new viral marketing.

Like I said, it's smart. Yup, Smart Marketing ;0)

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