Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Smart Marketer's ToolBar - Launching Tomorrow

I've been 'missing in action' for the past few weeks, but I've not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs!

I've been working hard on a new tool for you - actually it's a whole host of tools. Think of it as a free membership site, continually growing, with all the tools and resources available to you right from your browser, without the hassle of navigating to the site or having to login...

Introducing... (drum roll please:)

The Smart Marketer's ToolBar is already loaded up with all manner of useful tools and resources - and just about everything is free.

Some of the tools available...

Items marked with a '' are gadgets or widgets that open in thier own space...

...and can be left open, moved around your desktop, minimized or closed with one click.

Every Month your ToolBar is loaded with a Brand New Free Software Title - February and March's software is installed right now!

Top Blogs from around the net are aggregated and categorized in your ToolBar. That's some seriously good information at your fingertips.

Search The Web, Riquochet, Dictionary, Stocks, Weather, Encyclopedia, images and more. Click the highlighter to pick out your search words in results.

Click the down arrow, next to Riquochet's logo, to reveal a comprehensive menu. From there you can reach support, our knowledge base, Tell a Friend and Refresh your ToolBar to keep you up to date with new additions.

'ToolBar Options' is the place to go to customize your ToolBar. Add an email notifier, radio or shortcuts to applications.

Ready to add The Smart Marketer's ToolBar to your Marketing Arsenal? Wondering what it's going to cost?

It's Free!

Launching Wednesday 19th March as part of The Easter JV Giveaway 2008. Register (you can pre-register now and be one of the first through the doors) for The Easter JV Giveaway and Stake your Claim!

See you soon,

P.s. Like the screenshots? You'll find the software we used in your ToolBar.

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